• Makers and Business innovators, we offer you the turn-key ecosystem for fast prototyping of your IoT ideas !

    Any stupid question about IoT or project opportunities ? Our customer success team and ecosystem are ready to help you !

  • 360° SaaS IoT applications management platform

    Turn-key platform and ecosystem dedicated to your projects

    Connected IoT product marketplace

    Start with IoT devices ready for use

    Add your own device !

    Application store and templates ready for use

    Start with existing templates

    Or build your application from scratch

    SaaS no/low code IoT app


    Compose your process with a mix of IoT, micro-services (API), algorithms

  • Festival Transfo Grenoble

    the 28th of january

    Join us to test and deliver your first project with the new version of Clouding-Things

    Fun & fast low-code / no-code experience !

  • Stay focused on your business !

    Think, build and test your IoT product or service, staying focused on your customers uses cases, in a very short time

  • Unique technology 100% component-based

    Mash-up oriented developments

    Many ready to use widgets & services to be used

    Mixing IoT, algorithms and API has never been so easy !

    Customer-centric - 80% time saved for dev

    Mobile first


    Multi cloud

    REST api

    Monetization ready with online payment and wallet